Laura brings passion and a desire to create change to all of the projects she leads. She finds great reward in being able to build partnership programs that bring real benefits to the end user and she applies a high level of strategic thinking founded in customer research to deliver on this objective.


Laura’s strengths lie in her ability to pull out key nuggets of information from consumer research and overlay customer needs on top of property and corporate objectives. This leads to engaging brainstorming led by Lang Partnerships Network with our clients and the development of new partnership programs and activations that meet customer needs and deliver on the objectives of both the property and the corporate partner.


In application, Laura’s approach to partnership development has led to multi-million dollar relationships created on behalf of organizations in sectors as diverse as sport, non-profit, arts and culture, transportation and infrastructure. Over their multi-year terms, these partnerships have delivered incredible experiences and benefits to the property and corporate customer. For Laura, the ultimate reward is seeing these partnership programs come to life and witnessing the end user’s engagement and excitement.


Her competitive spirit, fostered through years of high level sport participation, serve her well as she approaches each new project with energy, positivity and a commitment to deliver success on behalf of her clients.