Idea maker, network creator, loving mom

Lang Partnerships Network Associate in Québec.


One of Nicole’s greatest satisfactions is connecting the dots and creating effective solutions. This explains why she enjoys the challenge of creating partnerships between entities who can share resources and networks to achieve their respective objectives. Her strength lies in her ability to synthesize, organize and communicate. She aims to create partnerships between the public, private and philanthropic worlds, which yield positive results in all three sectors. Her favorite projects are the ones that make a difference and leave a meaningful legacy.


Nicole originally joined the LANG team in 1987. She began in the Toronto headquarters and opened the first satellite office in her native Montréal. She serviced corporations and properties such as Coca-Cola, Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Tire, Sun Life, Procter & Gamble, Longines-Wittnauer, Labatt’s, Yves Rocher, Lederle/Centrum, Culture Days and Sail Canada. Her passion for sports has allowed her to combine her work with her interests.


Bilingual and bicultural, Nicole services national accounts in Québec and/or leads Montréal-based contracts as an associate member of the Lang Partnerships Network.