Following the success of the first global conference on faith & sport, Lang Partnerships has continued to support the global movement. To date, we have helped to incorporate the SSH Foundation, generate €1.2 Million+ in Program Funding, launch 7+ sub-events, with plans to grow the cause worldwide. What are we doing?

The Project: Ongoing. Sport at the Service of Humanity Worldwide





Following the successful launch of the Sport at the Service of Humanity (SSH) global movement at the Vatican in October 2016, a small committed group of volunteers who comprised the SSH Management Team led by LANG, set out to develop a solid business plan to grow and sustain the movement.





  • Established the SSH Foundation whose mission is to be a force for growing the movement and laying the groundwork for sustainable impact.
  • Developed a strategic plan focused on 4 pillars: Expansion, Development, Momentum and Sustainability.
  • Worked with partners and organizations who shared the SSH Values to “Grow the Movement” via:
    • Conferences & Events
    • Partner Programs
    • Community Engagement
  • Focused on fundraising and revenue development to address long-term sustainability and viability objectives




SSH Foundation Incorporated in 2017

Commitments to Date

€1.2 Million Program-Specific Funding

Partners & Patrons
  • Allianz
  • ISPS Handa
  • Loyola Marymount University
SSH-Related/Inspired Initiatives
  • NOV 2016 | SSH Mini-Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • JUN 2017 | 1st Regional SSH Conference, Villanova University, USA
  • JUN 2017 | UNHCR/FC Barcelona Forum on Sport for Refugees
  • JUL 2017 | SSH Youth Leadership Workshop, Muskoka Woods, Canada
  • SEP 2017 | Hockey Declaration of Principles, New York, NY
  • SEP 2017 | Via Pacis Rome Half-Marathon for Peace, Rome, IT
  • JUN 2018 | 2nd Regional SSH Conference at Loyola Marymount University, USA


  • SSH Workshop at Olympism in Action Forum, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Oct 2018)
  • Allianz Humanity Games: A Digital Platform based on the 6 SSH Principles
  • SSH Young Leaders Mentorship Program presented by ISPS Handa

To learn more about the SSH global movement, please visit the official website:, Twitter and Facebook.

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