Socialite, strategic thinker, passionate truth teller

Strategist, Facilitator, Leadership Coach


Shauna Barnes is a seasoned communicator, coach and facilitator who draws upon over 15 years of leadership development experience to help people and organizations become the best possible version of themselves. Over the span of her career Shauna has lent her passion, expertise and dedication to a variety of roles in the worlds of business, facilitation and educational leadership.


In her current role as Vice President, People and Culture, at LANG Partnerships Network, Shauna is instrumental in helping her company build relationships with key partnership alliances, as well as advising the LANG leadership team on client strategy. Her experience in the world of business and marketing gives her a unique vantage point from which to help facilitate key partnership negotiations. Additionally, she manages employee engagement and is a key culture shaper within the organization.


Shauna’s greatest strength lies in her unique ability to provide people and groups with the tools to uncover, strengthen and maximize their relational leadership potential. Drawing on her training in both coach development and team facilitation, as well as her background in marketing, Shauna has the unique ability to combine tools, communication techniques and best leadership practices to help people and teams redefine success.


Through the work that she does in her private coaching practice, Shauna has built a reputation as a change catalyst. Whether working with an individual or helping to create stronger connections within a team environment, she is a champion of personal growth and development. Shauna is recognized by those she works with for her uncanny ability to see individual’s personal blind spots, zero in on their strengths, and help them recognize their potential to achieve their goals.


Shauna’s education and training includes a Masters in Education, as well as designation as a Co-Active Coach from CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and a Certified Tilt 365 Trainer. When not at the office, Shauna is the Chief Operating Officer of her household, where she loves to enjoy time with her husband and their daughter, as well as entertain family and friends.