What We Do

“Driving business through ground-breaking partnerships”

In an ever-shifting marketplace, the one constant is the need to find new and innovative ways to grow your business; what worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. LANG brings to the table creative marketing ideas to help bolster business through strategic partnerships, because we’ve seen that the right strategic partnership can be a game changer.

We believe that real success comes when we are able to not only listen, but to truly hear and understand our clients’ needs. This understanding, combined with our industry insights, experience and strategic thinking enables us to uncover fresh and creative solutions that deliver the greatest possible value for our clients.

Our experiences over the last five decades have shaped the way we do business. Our unparalleled depth of knowledge enables us to deliver unique and thoughtful strategies, while our passion drives us to continue creating new and innovative ideas. By creating meaningful experiences for your consumer, we create deeper connections and deliver stronger, longer-lasting ROI.

“It is a complex process to build a unique strategy and approach to the market for partnerships. Lang Partnerships Network has been an invaluable asset to us throughout the process. They are very well connected and respected in the marketplace and have helped develop our strategy, fill the sales pipeline and work through complex partnership agreements. With very specific terms and conditions around rights, exclusivity, ambush marketing and value in kind. I’ve been relieved to have the help.”

Mike Ross,

Director of Commercial Development for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority

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How We Do It

Who We Are

“At Lang we are all about smart connections – connections with the consumer, our client, and our partner brands.”

As pioneers of Sponsorship and Partnership Marketing, Chris and Mike Lang have created a brand that is synonymous with trust, exceeding the expectations of those they work with each and every time.

Over 50+ years, the Lang team has grown to include a suite of trusted worldwide advisors, spanning across all industries, who offer a deep understanding of consumer needs and the most effective ways for partnerships to bring value to a bottom line. Our team has a proven track record of success, matching consumer desire with business objectives in a way that delivers increased ROI for the property.

“Very smart team at LANG Partnerships working with Canadian Pacific over the years— they provided great insight, strategy and brought experience to our community investments and sponsorship programs. The team was knowledgeable and was able to respond quickly to our changing needs and dynamic market shifts – qualities which have made them our trusted partner in the marketplace.”

Mark Seland,

Canadian Pacific

Why Lang?

“We are one of the premiere boutique agencies in the partnership business.”

At LANG, we are driven by passion and a commitment to being difference-makers. We believe that the work we do should help corporations make a positive impact on the lives of their customers. Through the cultivation of rich relationships and globally-focused strategies that create value for our clients, partners and team, LANG succeeds because we want to make a real difference in the world.

The LANG team of partnership experts are strategically focused, delivering value for their clients by drawing on deeply cultivated relationships and a commitment to innovation. With a rich history of thought leadership and a vast network of global connections, LANG has been at the forefront of partnership marketing for 50 years. As one client noted, LANG sets the standard and the industry follows.

“When we started working with Chris he was selling what we would call properties, today they are platforms. It was the ability to take an event and integrate it for impact. That’s what everyone’s looking for today.”

John Cassaday,

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Manulife Financial Group

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